Inforegio UE Guvernul României MDRAP UAT Orașul Baia Sprie Instrumente Structurale 2007-2013

Ceramic Center in Baia Sprie

From the 17th century there was a ceramic center in Baia Sprie where the potters used to gather. In 1780 there were 50 potters in the town, and only 7 after 160 years. They used to live on the Potters’…
From the antiquity, the fountains beautified the towns and gave a relaxing air to the places. They usually were placed in the centre of the towns, in the markets or where the citizens used to gather. Baia Sprie is such…

Samuel Csaszi Memorial House

Samuel Csaszi Memorial House is an old simple wooden house built in 1754, one of the oldest buildings in the area. Nowadays, it is used as a house of prayers, also known as the Baptist Church. Due to its seniority,…

Calvarium Chapel

Calvarium Chapel in Baia Sprie was built in 1848 on the root of the Mine Hill and it is characterized by a round shape altar, designed by Albin Tischler an year before. The Calvarium Chapel is a historical monument registered…

“Saint Mary” Roman–Catholic Church

“Saint Mary” Roman –Catholic Church in Baia Sprie dates from 1847 - 1858 and it is placed in the centre of the town, in the middle of the old market, also called Hunyadi Market, near the Reformate Church and the…

The „The Assumption of the Virgin Mary” Orthodox Church

The „Mother Mary Falling Asleep Orthodox Church” was also a Greco- catholic church and it was built in 1793. It has a byzantine like altar, with a bulb shape tower. This church is the oldest one in Baia Sprie. The…


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