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“Saint Mary” Roman–Catholic Church

“Saint Mary” Roman –Catholic Church in Baia Sprie dates from 1847 - 1858 and it is placed in the centre of the town, in the middle of the old market, also called Hunyadi Market, near the Reformate Church and the City Hall.
The facade of the church is monumental. In front of the church there are tall pedestals with the statues of the Hungarian saint kings Stephan and Ladislau, and in the semicircle grooves of the facade, there are the statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The first time the parish was mentioned in the papal register was in the year of 1333, when the priest was paying a tithe of 24 local currency.
The parish church in Baia Sprie, built in neoclassic style, is an important religious monument, and because of its romantic influences has also a historical character. Its importance, beside the high level of architectural quality and interior design, is due to the fact that it was designed by a diocesan priest, a really rare case in the religious architecture of that time.



  • Address: Baia Sprie, Piaţa Libertăţii, no. 30, Maramureş County


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