Inforegio UE Guvernul României MDRAP UAT Orașul Baia Sprie Instrumente Structurale 2007-2013

Chiuzbaia Hermitage

Chiuzbaia Hermitage is situated 7 km from Baia Sprie in a wonderful setting, amidst the mountains and at the edge of the woods. Located on a hill, to be closer to God, the holy place of worship welcomes its believers…

The Roman-Catholic Church “The Beheaded of the Saint John the Baptist” - Tăuții de Sus

This church was built in different periods of time, its place being the nucleus of the communality in the Middle Age. The eastern part of the church and the altar were built at the beginning of the 15th century, and…

“The Holy Apostols Peter and Paul” - Tăuții de Sus

Built in 1779, by 40 families of bondmen, the stone church certified by the inscription on the front pillar above the entrance: “THIS CHURCH OF OURS IN TAUTII DE SUS, POWER …… AND ON THE EXPENCE OR WALLED…, TO BE…

The “Marches of Chendroaia”

The marsh of Chendroaia also called “the marsh beneath The Gutâi mountain” is a per glacial lake. It is situated on the Rooster’s Crest, at 1053m altitude, on the north wall of the Gutâi Mountains. Here, there are two ponds…

The geological reservation of the Rooster’s Crest in the Gutai Mountains

The geological reservation of the Rooster’s Crest is situated in the Gutai Mountains, in the Maramures County, at the approximate distance of 35km away from the city of Baia Mare.The geological reservation of the Rooster’s Crest in the Gutai Mountains…


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