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Chiuzbaia Hermitage

Chiuzbaia Hermitage is situated 7 km from Baia Sprie in a wonderful setting, amidst the mountains and at the edge of the woods. Located on a hill, to be closer to God, the holy place of worship welcomes its believers from all around the world.
The settlement was built between 1995-1998 and it is the foundation of the believers from Chiuzbaia village. Between these years the brick church and the monastic cells were built, thanks to the parish priest Viorel Mada. The churc building has the shape of a cross and the interior painting is in fresco - Byzantine style. The painting was made between 2000-2001 by painter Stefan Salajan, with his wife Daniela and his apprentice Andy, under the guidance of Abbot Varlaam Coroian.
Chiuzbaia Hermitage of the " The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary " is considered by some a kind of Meteora from Maramures. For others, the nearest hermitage to the "county capital". For the Abbot Varlaam Coroian, it is a blessed place. Passing through many difficulties, the abbot managed to do wonders, especially building a monastic complex that can be called a beautiful and blessed „Holy Mary Garden”.

Egumen: protos. Varlaam Coroian
Accommodation: 10 places
Address: Chiuzbaia Village, 435101, Maramures county


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