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“The Holy Apostols Peter and Paul” - Tăuții de Sus

Built in 1779, by 40 families of bondmen, the stone church certified by the inscription on the front pillar above the entrance: “THIS CHURCH OF OURS IN TAUTII DE SUS, POWER …… AND ON THE EXPENCE OR WALLED…, TO BE A HOUSE OF PRAYRS. THE YEAR OF GOD 1775, July the 15th.
The church is placed near the National Roadway between Baia Mare and Sighet, being surrounded by a stone wall which dates from the year of 1806, date that certifies also the digits written on one of the stones from the wall covered by clapboard.
At the entrance of the church there is an inscription painted in 1960 by the painter Vasile Pascu from Focșani.
The tower of 38m height eclipses the building, and around the arch there are 4 small towers that adorn it.
The church always belonged to the Greco-catholic church, until 1948, when, after the ecclesiastic reform, it became an orthodox church.





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