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Hiking trails

Baia Sprie - Saddle Poca - Chiuzbaia - Groapele Chiuzbaii - winter

Route: Baia Sprie - Saddle Poca - Chiuzbaia - Groapele Chiuzbaii - winter
Objective: Saddle Poca
Location: pit Chiuzbaia, Baia Sprie, Ignis Mountains
Itinerary: Baia Mare - Baia Sprie, about 13 km
Travel mark: yellow dot (partially), red triangle Jidovoaia Valley (climbing toward Fossil Reserve - Ciontolan - Ignis East)
Type trail Tour
Grade Difficulty: medium, difficult winter conditions with snow and frost abundant
Equipment needed: suitable season
Length and duration: 6:00, 12-14 km
Difference: about 450-500 m
Recommendations tourist map Baia-Sprie Travel Gutinul Şişeşti Series 2005
WARNING: The area with vipers and bears
Accessibility: Baia Sprie Saddle Poca
Means of transportation: buses URBIS no. 8 Baia Mare - Baia Sprie, car, bicycle
Suggested accommodation: tent, pensions from Chiuzbaia and Baia Sprie.

Gutâi Cave Pintea - Secătura - Rooster Ridge - Taurus Chendroaiei

Route: Cave Pintiuta - Secătura tip - Laba Rabbit - Crest Cocoşului- Tinovul Taurus Chendroaiei
Objective: Cave Pintiuta from N Step Gutai top Secătura, Laba Rabbit, Rooster Ridge - geological landscape natural reserve, Tinovul Taurus Chendroaiei
Location: Maramures, Gutâi
Itinerary: Baia Mare - Baia Sprie - Step Gutai
Travel mark: -
Type trail mountain hiking
Grade difficulty: Moderate
Equipment needed: adequate tourist season, recommend trekking poles
Length and duration: 16 km, 6-7 hours
Difference: 400 m
Recommendations: map Budeşti tourist area - Deseşti - Ocna Şugatag Travel Gutinul series 2005; in Step Gutai, Poiana Ox, Rooster ridge there as panels with tourist maps of the area; Winter in the meadow Rooster ridge southwest of Alpine plateau access route is not summer - risk of avalanches!
Warning: risk areas steep rocky grohotele - Common Viper and Viper zone Melanie - an area with bears - Attention summer sheepfolds with shepherd dogs
Accessibility: There are several variants of approach, for example by EM former Şuior, Valley Măriuţii in Step Gutai from Cavnic on the former mining and Clearing House Mlejniţa, from the village of Mara, from Breb on Taul Morareni
Means of transportation: buses, intercity buses, cars by Step Gutai or mountainbike up under Rooster Ridge
Suggested accommodation: tent, hotel Step Gutai, pensions Cavnic, Breb Deseşti.

Gutâi: From Step Gutai on Rooster Ridge

Route: Step Gutai - Taurus Chendroaiei - Rooster Ridge
Objective: Taurus Chendroaiei, approached from the NE ridge Rooster
Location: Maramures, Gutâi
Itinerary: Baia Mare - Step Gutai - about 30 km
Signposting: red tape to below the crest Rooster Red Cross for bulls Chendroaiei
Type trail alpine circuit
Grade Difficulty: medium to difficult
Equipment needed: suitable season; necessarily adherents boots and trekking poles - rugged trail in the suirii the slope and ridge Grohote for Small Rooster
Length and duration: about 14-16 km, 7-8 hours
Difference: about 450-500 m
Recommendations: Tourist Area map Budeşti - Ocna Şugatag series Gutinul tourism year 2005; weather forecast
WARNING: The area with bears and vipers; pastoral area - beware shepherd dogs
Accessibility: in Step Gutai to Poiana Ox - Lord's Table
Means of transportation: racing Baia Mare - Sighet; personal car
Suggested accommodation: tent.

Gutâi: Ars Tower (Piatra Arsa)

Route: Baia Mare - Baia Sprie - Step and inn Gutâi - top Crişului Coast - Ars Tower or the Lonely Stone - Flotation Baia Sprie
Objective: Ars Tower of Gutai witness geologic erosion volcanic origin
Location: Maramures, SV by Step and Gutâi Inn - DN 18, about 25 km
Mark Travel: Step Gutai up on top of CRIS-Coast 1183 m, main ridge red tape, to return from DN 18 descends on blue tape marking in Baia Sprie, the former flotation at no.8 bus terminus
Type trail trip
Grade Difficulty: moderate, difficult winter, especially on the slope going down to the coils Gutâiului steep, rugged
Equipment needed: suitable season, trekking poles Welcomed
Length and duration: 8-9 km, 4 hours in summer, six winter
Difference: 250-300 m
Recommendations: Travel-see tourist map Gutinul detailed section Budeşti-Deseşti Ocna Şugatag year 2005
Bookings: area without springs, the water required by the insured; attention to bears and vipers
Accessibility: in Step Gutai, NV-V at the inn Pintea, atop wooded
Means of transportation: buses, local (in) to Sighet, personal car, mountain bike
Suggested accommodation: Optional tent or the inn or boarding Brave Pintea in Baia Sprie, Mara Valley.

Tourist route Rooster Ridge

Rooster Ridge has a length of 200 meters, a maximum altitude of 1450 meters and rising above a sloping plateau situated at an altitude of 1200 meters and at a distance of about 18 km from Baia Sprie.
GPS coordinates - Rooster's Comb: 47 ° 42'13.5 "N 23 ° 50'31.3" E
Access to the reserve can be made by following routes:
 Valley SUIOR Baia Sprie are about 3 ½ hours or on the blue line by Canton Forest and Road Mariuţei to Poiana Ox and here the red tape to crest Rooster or path red triangle by Cabana Mogoşa - Complex Şuior to Poiana Ox.
 The national road linking Baia Sprie of Maramures Historic inn right through Pintea the Brave, start from step Gutâiului (car park) on the tourist trail marked with a roşie.Pentru climb is right and the bull go forward on the road forest, red cross mark. Distance: approx. 6 km Level difference HM-120
 Cavnic reach Crest Rooster in about 4 ½ hours on the trail with Blue Cross Valley Gutâiului - Cabana Gutâi - Poiana Mlejnita, or on the red triangle Valley SUIOR to Poiana Mlejnita then blue cross to crest Rooster .
 The Mara village there is a path marked with blue cross that reaches about 3 ½ hours to crest Rooster came Valley Hops and Poiana Sesuri and village Breb, all in 3 ½ hours on a trail with a red cross, which Taul goes Morarenilor, Taul Chendroaiei before reaching the crest Rooster.

Blue Lake Trail

Itinerary: Baia Mare - Baia Sprie - about 15 km
Signposting: red dot then and the Red Cross, to final blue cross (no tourist marking from the platform of former Mine Scraper - geological exploration - to Lake least known untapped tourism in NE headquarters Exploitation Miniere Baia Sprie)
Type trail hiking circuit
Equipment needed: suitable season;
Difference: 300 m
WARNING: Do not click the workings of surface or in old mine galleries, ventilation holes, wells not closed - risk of falls of rocks blocking tectonizate shot and underground and / or serious injury; not bathing in the two lakes even in summer - potentially hidrocuţie
Means of transportation: city bus no. 8 Baia Mare-Baia Sprie; personal car; mountainbike.


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