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Cultural Events in the Maramureș County

The Wheel Sledge Fair - in the Town of Cavnic: a whole week-end at the beginning of Marchthere are lots of winter sports competitions. There is also a music and dance competitions.

The Bathing – in the village of Şurdeşti: It is an ancient agrarian ritual which celebrates the most hardworking villager.The selection is very strict: a jury made up of old people supervise the candidates for a while and they select the best one.

Spring Harmonies – in the town of Viseu de Sus: folk music and literature with a tradition of more than 30 years.

The Flock of the Sheep: It is an old tradition in all the villages in the Maramures County. At the beginning of May, the sheep are flocked together and sent to folds into the mountains for the whole summer. The fertile sheep are separated from the infertile ones; the milk is measured in order to establish the quantity of the daily dairy products which must be given to the sheep owners. This tradition is also called “The milk of the Measure” of “The Measurement of the milk”.

Midsummer Day: It celebrates the summer solstice on the 24th of June.

The International Wedding Festival – in the village of Vadul Izei. It is held at the beginning of June. It is an important festival where people can see traditional wedding costumes, folk costumes, falk music and dance.

Up on the Vaser Valley – in the town of Viseu de Sus: At the beginning of August, the festival is dedicated to the inhabitants of German minority from the town of Viseu de Sus and Valea Vaser. (The Vaser Valley).

The Chestnut Festival – in the City of Baia Mare: At the end of September, and the beginning of October, the chestnuts are celebrated. They are also the symbol of the city.

The Wake of the Wooden Churches in Desesti and Poienile Izei – in the villages of Deseşti and Poienile Izei: On the 14th of October the villagers celebrate Saint Parascheva, the patron saint of the old wooden churches.

The Winter Custom Festival – the town of Târgu Lăpuş: It is a folk festival of winter custom in the land of Lapus and Chioar; there is a parade of folk costumes, Christmas and New Year folk custom.

“Marmatia” Winter Folk Custom– the town of Sighetu Marmaţiei: It is a 40 years old festival which celebrates the winter custom in the Maramures County.



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