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Recreational activities

Paragliding – The Mogosa Peak (1246m) is a proper place for paragliding no matter where the wind blows.

Rockclimbing – The Vlaicu’s Rock or the Vlaicu’s church, as it is often called, is a sharp triangular asbestos cliff, which is 10 km away from the Suior Resort. The place is often visited by the local mountaineers because of the spectacular view of the Mogosa Peak and the City of Baia Mare. The south-east part of the wall offers good conditions of climbing all the year round, even during hot summer days, due to the altitude and air currents.

Trekking–The most experienced ones can go on direct tracks with high difference of levels, such as the Mogosa Peak 1246m, the peaks on the Gutai Mountain, The Secatura Peak 1392m, Rooster’s Crest 1394m, the Gutai Peak 1443m, the Small Gutai Peak 1392m, and with additional endurance the Ignis Peak 1307m.The same touristic sights can be reached by those who are less experienced. They can cover tracks on the level curve, which are longer as a matter of fact, but easier as well, and which gradually reduce the difference of level. The paths from the area are marked, there are special places for layover by the clear water springs. The paths cover wooden areas as well as alpine pastures which offer excellent views.

Cycling–the "Everlasting challenge” of the local cyclists, the up cycling on the Gutinu Mountain with its 800m level difference, counted from the outskirts of the City of Baia Mare on the National Roadway 18 (the railway station near Lukoil Gas station) to the Gutai Gorge – 23km of road awaits its daredevils. From the Suior base you have 17km to down cycling and then there is a flat road until Mara Recess, a good warming up, after which you can measure your performances up to Gutai Gorge 987m. If you still have the power, you can cycle down to the Mara village where you return to the top of the mountain almost 10km of good climbing, and after that a spectacular 11km of cycling down until the “junction” where you turn left and after 3km you get back to the Suior base for a good time rest.
The fond tracks are numerous, offering the challengers the pleasure toboth watch the beauty of the surroundings and the unique rural life and to go to complex and hard tracks.

Climbing – The largest climbing and escalading ground on volcanic rock in the north-west of Romania is found in the geological reservation in the Rooster’s Crest 1438m, in the Gutai Mountain. The crest is a part of an old volcanic vent with the length of 200m, oriented to the NW- SE, with the height of approximate 150m. On its northern partthere is a massive block where we can find climbing tracks which continues with an area grooved byvertical fissures that recurs at a precise distance of 5-6 m on a distance of approximately 130m, area where there are set up escalating tracks.
At the moment, there are three climbing tracks in good shape, well equipped, which do not need additional protections and which can be climbed with a 60m rope and 20 express loops. Among them, the most spectacular and well known is “The Track of the four dihedron”. It is recommended to the experienced ones because the withdrawal is quite difficult.


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